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Crimp Pliers

Introducing our Crimp Pliers – the essential tool for effortlessly fastening crimp beads and tubes to jewellery wire. Crafted with precision and ease of use in mind, these pliers are a must-have for any jewellery maker. Designed to provide a secure and efficient grip, they ensure a reliable connection between wire and crimp components, streamlining the jewellery assembly process. Elevate your craftsmanship with these specialized Crimp Pliers, making the task of fastening crimp beads and tubes a breeze in your creative journey.

Tweezers pouch

Introducing our Tweezers Pouch – a practical solution to keep your tweezer tips protected. Handmade in Finland from recycled leather, this pouch combines eco-friendliness with functionality. Available in black, brown, or white leather, these pouches add a stylish touch to your toolkit while ensuring that your tweezers stay in top-notch condition. Compact and reliable, they are a must-have accessory for anyone seeking both durability and sustainability in their crafting routine.

Jewellers Piercing Saw

Perfect for all your sawing needs and ideal for beginners, these premium German adjustable jeweller's saw frames boast a comfortable black-varnished wooden handle, offering a lightweight yet sturdy construction with rigid and wear-resistant steel.

The jeweller's piercing saw features an adjustable frame with a 60mm or 80mm depth and includes fixing screws to securely hold saw blades, accommodating lengths of up to 150mm.

The tension screw ensures a tight grip on the blades, and the easily gripped screws allow effortless tension adjustments. The adjustable design facilitates blade insertion, with the top clamp sliding to achieve optimal tautness.

Whether sawing larger pieces or piercing smaller components, this versatile piercing saw is perfect for cutting intricate filigree shapes, catering to a range of jewellery-making needs.

Please note that blades are not included and need ordering separately.

Piercing Saw Blades

These jewellery piercing saw blades are Swiss made using the highest quality steel. They have a rounded back for cutting more accurate corners and have extremely sharp teeth. Heat treated and coated for extra hardness, durability and resistance. These Piercing Saw Blades are available in sizes 2/0 or 6/0 (6/0, being the finest).

The blade length is 130mm. Each bundle contains 12 blades.

Reamer Kit

Reamers can easily enlarge pearl or bead holes. This reamer kit includes two reamers of sizes 0.9 mm and 1,2 mm. Also included is a reamer arm, having a length of 75 mm.