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Wooden Bead Board

A bead board with a sturdy wooden frame and lid. Box size 24.5cm x 57cm x 4.7cm. Weight 175g. The lid works well for the protection of beadwork or as a tool for sorting beads. A carrying bag made for the box is included. Available in white or brown wood.

The wooden box is custom-made in Finland for Versatile Idea Oy.

Tweezers pouch

Tweezer cases made of recycled leather and protects the tips of the tweezers so that you can conveniently carry them in a bag. Available in black, brown and white. Handmade in Finland.

Reamer Kit

Reamers can easily enlarge pearl or bead holes. This reamer kit includes two reamers of sizes 0.9 mm and 1,2 mm. Also included is a reamer arm, having a length of 75 mm.