Crimp Beads & Tubes

Crimp Beads & Tubes

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Crimp Tubes

925 sterling silver.  Tubes are available in two sizes: outer diameter: 1.8 mm, inner diameter: 0.7mm,  length: 1.8 mm (also available gold-plated) or outer diameter: 2.0 mm , inside diameter: 1.0 mm, length: 2.2 mm. Sold in packs of 100. When pressing the tubes it is best to use the wires intended. The smaller size fits 0.35mm wire and the bigger 0.45mm wire.

Crimp Beads

925 sterling silver crimp beads attach beads and stones firmly to the wire or thread without the need for glue. They are barrel finished and polished with a totally smooth surface and bead hole.