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Blue Lotus

Freshwater pearl necklace with dark pink and metallic pearls. Height 43 cm. 925 sterling silver bead lock with synthetic colourless stones.

Pussy Willow

Freshwater pearl necklace. Pearl colours: grey and white. Length 107 cm. No lock. Can be worn long or looped twice. When looped twice, it can also be used with a larger-size ring lock.


Pink freshwater pearl necklace. Length 44 cm. Rhodanised 925 silver lock. Pearl size approx. 6 mm.


Pink oval freshwater pearl necklace. Length 47cm. Rhodinised 925 silver lock. Pearl size approx. 9-10mm.

Silvia necklace
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Freshwater pearl necklace with blue-grey and apricot-coloured pearls. Pearl size approx. 5mm. Length 92cm. Lock in rhodanised 925 silver. Also suitable for doubling.

Cappuccino, necklace

Freshwater pearls reminiscent of light coffee beans with a shimmer of bronze tones. One side of the round lock is 925 silver and the other side is gold-plated. Length 50cm.