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Pussy Willow

Freshwater pearl necklace. Pearl colours: grey and white. Length 107 cm. No lock. Can be worn long or looped twice. When looped twice, it can also be used with a larger-size ring lock.


Pink oval freshwater pearl necklace. Length 47cm. Rhodinised 925 silver lock. Pearl size approx. 9-10mm.

Cappuccino, necklace

Freshwater pearls reminiscent of light coffee beans with a shimmer of bronze tones. One side of the round lock is 925 silver and the other side is gold-plated. Length 50cm.


White freshwater pearl necklace with 585 yellow gold/white gold heart clasp. Pearl size 6 mm. Pearl string length 50 cm.


Elevate your jewellery collection with Kalana, a radiant expression of nature's beauty and refined craftsmanship. This exquisite necklace features an 11mm green Tahitian pearl, a gem that captures the essence of the ocean's allure. The pearl, known for its rich colour and lustrous surface, takes centre stage, held delicately by a 750 gold wire that adds a touch of opulence to the design.

Kalana is not just a necklace; it's a wearable work of art. The 750 gold wire serves as a testament to the meticulous attention to detail, creating a seamless fusion of luxury and nature. The vivid green hue of the Tahitian pearl is a symbol of renewal and growth, making this piece not only a fashion statement but also a reflection of your unique style and personality.

With a length of 42cm, Kalana is designed to elegantly grace your neckline, adding a touch of sophistication to any ensemble. Whether you're attending a special occasion or looking to elevate your everyday look, this necklace is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the fusion of natural beauty and fine craftsmanship.

Indulge in the allure of Kalana a timeless treasure that celebrates the harmony between nature and luxury. Make a statement that resonates with your individuality and showcases your discerning taste in exceptional jewellery.


Introducing Luana, where the mystique of the ocean meets the glamour of luxury. Behold the ethereal beauty of our light grey baroque Tahitian pearl necklace, a true masterpiece that transcends time. Each Tahitian pearl, boasting a size of 10–13mm, is a testament to nature's artistry, gracing the necklace with an exquisite touch of uniqueness.

Luana is not just a necklace; it's a symphony of sophistication. The 585 white gold clasp, adorned with delicate diamonds, adds a celestial sparkle to the string of pearls, creating a mesmerizing dance of light and luster. This is a piece that tells a story of opulence and individuality.

With a length of 42cm, Luana is designed to effortlessly elevate any ensemble. Whether you're attending a glamorous event or seeking to add a touch of everyday luxury to your style, this necklace is the embodiment of refined elegance.

Immerse yourself in the allure of Luana, a radiant treasure from the depths of the sea, waiting to adorn you with its timeless charm. Embrace the essence of sophistication and make a statement that echoes your distinctive taste in jewellery.


Dark grey baroque Tahitian pearl necklace. Pearl size 9–11 mm. 585 white gold parrot lock on pearl string. Pearl necklace length 42 cm.


White freshwater pearl necklace with 585 gold ball clasp. Pearl size 6–7 mm. The length of the string of pearls is 44 cm.


White freshwater pearl necklace with 925 silver ball clasp. Pearl size 6–7 mm. The length of the string of pearls is 44 cm.


Introducing Opame: Illuminate Your Elegance with Infinite Light

Step into a world of timeless sophistication with Opame, our exquisite South Sea baroque pearl necklace that transcends the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary. Opame, a name inspired by Buddhism, meaning "infinite light," perfectly captures the essence of this stunning piece.

At the heart of Opame is a mesmerizing string of South Sea baroque pearls, each a unique work of art, ranging in size from 9 to 12 mm. Their lustrous surfaces, carefully cultivated in the pristine waters of the South Seas, boast a natural iridescence that captivates and enchants. The 47 cm length gracefully drapes around the neckline, enhancing your elegance with every wear.

What sets Opame apart is its breathtaking 14 mm diamond-set ball clasp crafted in 750 white gold. This spectacular clasp not only secures the pearls with unparalleled finesse but also adds a touch of brilliance to the ensemble. The diamonds, meticulously chosen for their exceptional quality, radiate light and complement the pearls, creating a harmonious fusion of luxury and grace.

Opame is more than a necklace; it's a symbol of infinite beauty and timeless sophistication. Whether you're attending a soirée, celebrating a special occasion, or simply indulging in everyday luxury, Opame is the perfect accessory to illuminate your style.

Elevate your jewellery collection with Opame and let its radiant glow become a reflection of your own infinite light.