We are on holiday from 23.12.2022 until 15.1.2023. The webshop will be closed for orders during this time. A selection of our products will still be available to buy in person from U26 Shop in Helsinki.
Christmas orders to be shipped within Finland should be placed no later than 20.12.2022. International orders should be placed no later than 15.12.2022.


Note that a large portion of our pearl jewellery is now sold exclusively at U26 SHOP in Helsinki.


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Blue Lotus

Freshwater pearl necklace with dark pink and metallic pearls. Height 43 cm. 925 sterling silver bead lock with synthetic colourless stones.

Pussy Willow

Freshwater pearl necklace. Pearl colours: grey and white. Length 107 cm. No lock. Can be worn long or looped twice. When looped twice, it can also be used with a larger-size ring lock.


Pink freshwater pearl necklace. Length 44 cm. Rhodanised 925 silver lock. Pearl size approx. 6 mm.


Pink oval freshwater pearl necklace. Length 47cm. Rhodinised 925 silver lock. Pearl size approx. 9-10mm.

Silvia necklace
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Freshwater pearl necklace with blue-grey and apricot-coloured pearls. Pearl size approx. 5mm. Length 92cm. Lock in rhodanised 925 silver. Also suitable for doubling.

Cappuccino, necklace

Freshwater pearls reminiscent of light coffee beans with a shimmer of bronze tones. One side of the round lock is 925 silver and the other side is gold-plated. Length 50cm.