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Forget-me-not ring

Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 WINNER!


Alloying gold produces many different colours. In this delicately beautiful ring, the delicious colour play of gold, the romantic style, and the sensual floral decorations take your thoughts back to Victorian times. Forget-me-not flowers communicate true love and fidelity. The petals of the flower are rose gold, the side leaves are green gold, the stamens are fine gold, the ring band is white gold, and the ribbon binding the flowers around the ring is yellow gold.

The Forget-me-not ring is entirely handmade using 585 (14K) white, yellow, rose, and green gold. The flower stamens are 999 (24K) gold.

Band: round, diameter 2mm. Diameter of one flower: 7mm. Weight: 4g (size 17.5mm). The ring can be ordered in sizes 15-24mm.


NOTE that ALL rings are unique and made to order. Please allow 3-4 weeks for dispatch.


I like to visit antique shops and fairs to find old jewellery. I study the marks (hallmarks), how the jewellery is made, and what feeling it evokes in me. The theme of the competition, Memories of the Past, immediately opened up ideas and inspired me to join the contest.

Choosing a flower theme was easy for me. Floral language, or floriography, was a particularly popular phenomenon in the 19th century. The flowers had a meaning and the bouquets were assembled according to the messages contained in the flowers. The flowers allowed me to use different shades of gold naturally in the making of the ring. 

Every flower is unique, with its petals and leaves being made by hand individually and florally engraved as the finishing touch. Different shades of gold have been obtained by mixing various metals in different proportions. Each ring is an individual, handcrafted work.

I already mentioned how flowers were used as a language of love by the Victorians. This love was extended into their jewellery with a wide variation of floral designs incorporating gems or playing with different coloured gold. Green gold was particularly utilised for leaves.

I brought these three things together—my love of old jewellery, the Victorian floral language, and the art of using coloured gold to express flowers—and this ring is the prize. The past has spoken: Forget-me-not.

- Pia-Mari Jull

Mind's Eye ring

Our world, flickering verdant and strong through the window of space. The play of blue and green, the symbiosis of seas and forests. All around, the moon, stars, and planets are as an eternally moving circle around the earth - creating continuity for life, beauty, hope. Made of white gold, opal, pearls and blue sapphires, Mind's Eye is a symbol of a happy universe and is suitable for gentle visionaries who are building a sustainable future. Intrinsically, like a seeing eye, it is a glimpse of the joy that the earth under our feet, the blue sky, and the clear seas around us give to man.

Ring frame 750 palladium white gold, 0.75ct Australian white opal (Lightning Ridge) in the middle, Akoya pearls (2 mm x 12 pcs) surround the opal, grey-blue sapphires (3 mm) on the sides. Ring size 17.5mm.

Ice Drop earrings

Freshwater baroque pearls are adorned with diamonds like dewdrops. The size of the pearls are 14.5 × 18mm. Each pearl has two diamonds. W/VS 0.49 tct. Total height with hooks 30mm. The hooks are 585 white gold.

Move On Ring (gold)

Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2022 Finalist!

Life is like a wind holding a seagull that has spread its wings in the sky or blowing forward a sailing ship travelling on the high seas. We move forward from the sun’s rising to its descent and aim for the horizon. Sometimes the wind turns on us, batters and knocks – throws us on unfamiliar beaches. At this new beginning, we are often alone, weak, and wingless. But there's always a new day, life writes a new chapter. Time to transport and heal, the sun restores directional instinct and strength.

The Move On ring shows Helsinki time, and it is made perfectly to the correct dimensions, only in miniature. The material is white gold. Symbolically, the Move On sundial ring is an instrument that, as well as being an ornament, illuminates the path to the future and brightens its own inner direction. A power ring that combines the forces of time and intuition for moving on to new beginnings.

Materials: 585‰ white gold and sapphire glass.

NOTE! ALL rings are made-to-order. Allow up to 28 days delivery from when payment is received.

Forget-me-not pendant

The idea for the pendant comes from my winning entry in The Most Beautiful Ring of the Year 2021 competition, Forget-me-not. All the same shades of gold have been used. The ring and chain are white gold, the flowers are rose gold, the leaves are green gold, the stamens are fine gold, and the binding thread around the ring is yellow gold. Each pendant is unique because it is handcrafted from start to finish. 

The sizes of the pendants are approximately 12mm and 15mm.

The Forget-me-not pendant is entirely handmade using 585 gold. The flower stamens are 999 (24K) gold and the chain is made of 585 (14K) white gold.