Crimp Tubes, gold- 1,8mm
  • Crimp Tubes, silver - 1,8mm
Crimp Tubes, gold- 1,8mm

Crimp Tubes

Crimp Tubes attach pearls and stones firmly to jewellery wire or thread without the need for glue. They are barrel finished and polished with a totally smooth surface, even at the tube hole. Crimp Tubes are pressed together in two stages using a special wire crimpers and are designed to fix pearls and clasps, join several wires together and fix end loops.

925 sterling silver.  Tubes are available in two sizes: outer diameter: 1.8 mm, inner diameter: 0.7mm,  length: 1.8 mm (also available gold-plated) or outer diameter: 2.0 mm , inside diameter: 1.0 mm, length: 2.2 mm. Sold in packs of 100. When pressing the tubes it is best to use the wires intended. The smaller size fits 0.35mm wire and the bigger 0.45mm wire.


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