Mind's Eye ring

Mind's Eye ring

Our world, flickering verdant and strong through the window of space. The play of blue and green, the symbiosis of seas and forests. All around, the moon, stars, and planets are as an eternally moving circle around the earth - creating continuity for life, beauty, hope. Made of white gold, opal, pearls and blue sapphires, Mind's Eye is a symbol of a happy universe and is suitable for gentle visionaries who are building a sustainable future. Intrinsically, like a seeing eye, it is a glimpse of the joy that the earth under our feet, the blue sky, and the clear seas around us give to man.

Ring frame 750 palladium white gold, 0.75ct Australian white opal (Lightning Ridge) in the middle, Akoya pearls (2 mm x 12 pcs) surround the opal, grey-blue sapphires (3 mm) on the sides. Ring size 17.5mm.

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