The OMA exhibition is Goldsmith of the Year Pia-Mari Jull's journey through time in the world of jewellery



Master goldsmith Pia-Mari Jull was elected Goldsmith of the Year 2023 on 25th January due to being respected both as a versatile jewellery maker and as a long-term jewellery industry educator.


As part of the anniversary program, she has organized an exhibition, 'OMA' (My Own), in October at Suomen kello- ja korumuseo Kruunu (Finnish Museum of Horology and Jewellery), which shows the jewellery maker's handiwork in a variety of ways.


The exhibition presents Pia's own jewellery production from 1994–2023. OMA is a retrospective review of the jewellery artist's production from different decades. At the same time, it is Pia's personal time travel in the enchanting world of jewellery.